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HD-Wiegetechnik GmbH becomes MultiWeigh GmbH!

Merger of HD-Wiegetechnik & Sondermaschinen GmbH
with B+M Elektronik GmbH to become MultiWeigh GmbH.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are pleased to announce that HD-Wiegetechnik & Sondermaschinen GmbH have acquired B+M Elektronik GmbH and formed a new stronger Company renamed MultiWeigh GmbH.

B+M Elektronik GmbH is a Hardware and Software Company specialising in the design and build of electronic control systems for Multihead weighers. They have been a partner of HD-Wiegetechnik & Sondermaschinen GmbH since the Company was formed.

With continuously rising turnover, and higher demand for new products in the international market, it was the next logical step for us to take over B+M Elektronik GmbH.

It is therefore our pleasure to advise that these previously cooperating companies are now merged into MultiWeigh GmbH as a new organization.

The enlarged team with enhanced development resources will make MultiWeigh multihead weighers more able to compete on the International market.

Your contact personnel and data will remain the same.

Sincerely yours

Frank Schmehl